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  • Natalia Sepulveda

"Vamos A Veracruz" Book Review

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

I love finding books that promote diversity and encourage traveling! Vamos A Veracruz is a colorful book written by Alice Perez @byaliceperez 🎉 featured in The Texas Lifestyle Magazine.

You all know how much I love bilingual resources! This book includes many Spanish words, which help children improve their vocabulary. We have enjoyed this book so much, because we feel as if we went on the trip with Agustina.

This book teaches about the city of Vera Cruz and the Mexican culture. The illustrations are so vibrant and fun! My son absolutely loved it! It is available for sale on Amazon 📚🙌

Vamos a Veracruz is a children's book with informative facts about the city of Veracruz in Veracruz, Mexico. The Author's goal was to provide diversity and introduce children to different cultural backgrounds. Vamos a Veracruz shows this by inviting young readers on a journey to the beautiful city. Children will be immersed in the city of Veracruz through events as told by Agustina which she shares with her family. They embark on trips and take part in events which were inspired from actual experiences within the city of Veracruz.

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