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Translation & Editing Services


Bilingual Translation and editing services available for children's books, websites, marketing materials, flyers, business, and educational resources, etc. 

Hi there, below you will see a list of some of my latest translation projects. If you would like to translate your book, marketing materials, website, educational materials, please contact me at, and or on my social media channels Facebook or Instagram.



Published Translation Projects:


Daniel y el factor burrito by Kevin Horath 


Toilet Tunnel”| “El túnel del inodoro by Alison Hinchey (Bilingual Book)


Serafina vuela by Alma Hammond 

Unicornio Jazz by Lisa Caprelli 


Abejita Feliz con Unicornio Jazz y Amigos by Lisa Caprelli 


R ES PARA RESPIRAR: El abecedario para manejar los sentimientos irritables y frustrantes  by Melissa Munro Boyd


El elefante en el salón: una historia sobre el aislamiento de emergencia escolar by Alicia Stenard 

Nativity Story Sensory Kit (Spanish Version) by Little Seeds Co.


Mi corona rizada by Darcel Craft 

El Ninja Ansioso by Mary Nhin 

El Ninja Enmascarado by Mary Nhin 

El cabello maravilloso de Lani Rae by Yesenia Rodriguez

El Doctor Adam y el virus by Hazem Nassar

Rosalía la hondureña-americana by Christine Osoria 

Oh, lo que puedo ser cuando me veo by Valerie J. Lewis Coleman 

Óscar el Oso Pardo aprende a ser agradecido by Misty Black

¿Puede Pedro el Puercoespín controlar su mal genio? by Misty


Zac el Zorillo aprende a pedir perdón by Misty Black 

Caleb el Castor calma su ansiedad by Misty Black 

Cuando te sientas mejor by Misty Black 

Amor de abuelita by Misty Black 

Me enseñaste a querer by Misty Black 

Un sueño de Carrera de Barril by M.D. Ford

¿Mamá, puedo dormir contigo esta noche?: Ayudando a los niños a superar el impacto del COVID-19 by Jenny Delacruz

Bax y sus burbujas: Un niño y sus pensamientos by Dr. Sonia E. Amin

Chance de bailar by Keisha Bussey

Andrew aprende sobre sus talentos by Tiffany D. Obeng

Te deseo felicidad | I Wish You Happiness by Michael Wong (Bilingual)

I Wish You Happiness | Te deseo felicidad by Michael Wong (Bilingual)

Te deseo felicidad by Michael Wong 

Slothee quiere café by Nikki Pezzopane & Cameron Fica 

Tiny Tinkles Town by Debra Krol (Bilingual)

La mayor fan de J.R. by Dr. Sheila Thomas 

Debería haber una ley: Un día brillante en el Capitolio del estado by Portia Bright Pittman & Dr. Calvin Mercer

Published Editing Projects:

Don Quixote | Don Quijote by Sophie Raquin (Bilingual Book)


Don Quijote by Sophie Raquin 

El sueño del Hada del río: Un cuento de hadas by Cyrena Shows

La orquídea de Aurora by Vicky Weber

Natalia Sepúlveda is a bilingualism advocate, Spanish translator and editor, and children’s book author. She holds a master’s in Spanish and a certificate in translation and interpretation. Through her research and passion for education she believes in the benefits of raising children bilingual. She can help translate educational materials in Spanish and English such as: curriculum guides, children’s books, games, activities, websites, and much more.


"Are you looking to have your book or project translated? I can translate books, flyers, educational resources, websites, etc."


Did you know?


Based on the 2018 U.S. Census, the Hispanic population constituted to 18.3% of the nation’s total population, 59.9 million making people of Hispanic origin to be the largest ethnic or racial minority. According to a 2015 report by Instituto Cervantes, the United States has the second concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, after Mexico. Therefore, bilingualism is an asset for both to individuals and to society. Bilingual education can help promote bilingualism for English speakers and for students who come from non-English backgrounds. Bilingualism can be linked to a number of positive outcomes such as: delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease (Research from Washington State University), decreased of probability of dropping out of high school, increased probability of obtaining a higher status job and higher annual earning, can have positive effects on inter-group relationships, identity and self-esteem, as mentioned in an article by the Stanford University Professor Claude Goldenberg.

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