Kai The Missionary Sea Turtle

 Kai la tortuga marina misionera

Hi, I am a new children's book author! 🤩 I am working on publishing my first children's book and I hope you join me during this amazing journey! 

It all started through reading books to my son and writing book reviews. As I took him to the library, I noticed that there weren't as many bilingual books, and even less, faith based bilingual books. I thought to myself, maybe I could write one someday. 

I didn't think it would happen so soon, but last year, I delved deeper into the world of children's literature by translating children's books to Spanish. I was so thankful to put my Spanish degree to good use . And felt inspired to combine my calling in the mission's field and my passion for bilingualism to write a bilingual Christian children's book. I hope this book can inspire children to share the Good News. 

This is Kai the main character of my new children's book "Kai The Missionary Sea Turtle| Kai la tortuga marina misionera" coming this Fall!

Kai, is a hawksbill sea turtle, known for his beautiful sparkly shell. He loves making new friends, serving Jesus, and playing the ukulele. 

Hawksbill sea turtles are considered by many to be the most beautiful species of sea turtles, which is why they are Critically Endangered. They are illegally hunted for their shells to be used for decorative pieces. Let's do our part to raise awareness and protect our beautiful sea turtles.

I am very excited to share more details soon  Stay tuned!

About Me

Natalia Sepúlveda, is a bilingual children’s book author, translator and editor. She holds a master’s degree in Spanish from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Natalia currently lives in Orlando with her husband Joseph and two children. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and serving the Lord. She’s the owner of Bilingual Lifestyle Publishing and Co-founder of Panem Project.  She also runs a Bilingual Lifestyle blog, where she shares her bilingual family adventures, book reviews, and bilingual and educational resources.


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