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  • Natalia Sepulveda

New Puppet Show "Unicorn Jazz: The Thing I Do Show" on Amazon TV!

I am so excited to share that the Season 2 of the Unicorn Jazz: The Thing I do Show is now an Amazon Series! If you are looking for an educational show for your the whole family, I definitely recommend it! It's a Modern Sesame Street Show that features puppet performances by Unicorn Jazz and Trezekke, and her puppet friends Bee Happy and Happiness News Puppets. Your family will also enjoy music, art, a Talent Show, a Clever Game Show by Trezekke, Kid Broadway Singers and Actors, like Emily Isabel, Rhett Drennen, and many more! It fosters imagination and inspires children to BEE Happy, learn, and dance!

This amazing children's puppet show is inspired from the Unicorn Jazz Book Series by Lisa Caprelli. She has published 16 books and is an award winning author and brand creator of the best-selling children's books: Unicorn Jazz, a series with a wonderful mission for kids! She inspires children to CREATE and build teamwork with engaging author visits. She's very passionate for education and working on spreading happiness around the world.

Her children's books are:

Check out her website to find out more information about her TV Show, Books, Author Visits, Collaborations, and FREEBIES!

It's truly been a pleasure knowing Lisa. My son calls her his Unicorn Jazz teacher. We've had the honor to participate in some parts of the show and future episodes. I am so thankful to see both my son and daughter being inspired to use their talents to spread love and kindness with the world. I love everything that Unicorn Jazz stands for and I thank God, for the opportunity to have met Lisa, introduce her books to my kids, and to be the Unicorn Jazz Spanish translator. Lisa has a beautiful vision for her Unicorn Jazz Brand, and I will continue to support her, as she makes a difference in everything she does.

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