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  • Natalia Sepulveda

New Bilingual Book!


I have Super Exciting NEWS! My latest children's book translation "I Wish You Happiness| Te deseo felicidad" by Michael Wong has been published! 🎉

It is available in Spanish, bilingual English-Spanish, and bilingual Spanish-English on Amazon! Oh, and if you were interested in other languages it is also available in German (English-German), Italian (English-Italian), and French ( English-French)😍

This has been one of the most beautiful children's books I've ever worked on. Thank you Michael for trusting me to work with you! @piccopuppy I'm so happy that so many families with be blessed by this beautiful resource!

I love the hide and seek game to find the dogs and the cat throughout the story. I also love the bonus section, where it teaches about the historical characters represented in the book. The illustrations are whimsical and diverse.

For our storytime bookishplay we used:

☁️ Cloud Dough Mat from @starshine.sensory

☁️ cardboard, chalk, foam balls, a popsicle stick, a string, a wooden bowl and a spoon.

☁️ Letters from the Bananagrams Game

☁️ mini dog erasers from @target

For the second set up, we used a recycled ♻️ can of chocolates, a baby swaddle blanket, white beans, Coated sunflower 🌻 seeds, and a couple of toys combined with the above items.

We had fun playing and the kids did an amazing job at helping mommy clean up!

Have you added bilingual books to your home or classroom library yet?

🎁 This adorable book is the perfect gift for any occasion!

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