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  • Natalia Sepulveda

“Un avestruz con mucha luz” Review

The Spanish children’s book “Un avestruz con mucha luz” written by José Carlos Andrés and illustrated by Bea Enríquez is an adorable book. The illustrations are fun and colorful. This book kept my toddler son very entertained. He enjoyed pointing at all the animals, seeing the emotions on the characters and the story. I had a lot of fun reading the book to my son. It was very cute and it helped me be silly and he repeated the funny words with me. I definitely recommend this book. Funny books are necessary! This book helps children count, laugh and to stand up for themselves. You can purchase the book HERE. You can also find the English version HERE

Ozzy the Ostrich and her friends were trotting across the plain. Three ostriches eating flowers: Yum Yum Yum. They came across three lions that wanted to eat them- What did the ostriches do to save themselves and defend what’s theirs?

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José Carlos Andrés is a famous author in Spain. He is a professional clown and children’s theater actor. He has published The Journey of Captain Scaredy Cat and Carlota Wouldn´t Say Boo.

Bea Enríquez: A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, Bea Enríquez is a visual artist who has exhibited her work in many shows. As an illustrator, she has worked with Santillana and Everest as well as with other publishers.

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