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  • Natalia Sepulveda

Top Quality Educational Resources for Kids!

As a preschool homeschooling mama, I am always looking for quality educational toys. And, let me tell you that I have found the perfect brand! I absolutely love Mideer!

Mideer is an award winning brand who combines toys, art, games and education to encourage children to explore their furthest limits of their imagination. We are in love with their puzzles, games, pattern blocks, and their magnetic letters and numbers. Mideer aims to provide the most artistic toys for families and children around the world. Children can foster their creativity and have fun learning while playing.

Ever since we got these educational resources, we have been able to minimize our screen time and have a blast creating! Yes, I play too! Although, my 4 year old does all the puzzles by himself. I just enjoy watching him.

  • Level Up Puzzles are the best quality material and artistic puzzles, I've seen so far! They are durable and designed for different ages. The Level 1 Puzzle is a favorite for my 2 year old. She can do almost all of them by herself. My 4 year old son has really enjoyed all of them, especially the level 4.

  • The Number and Letter Magnets are wonderful to pair up with books, lessons, and our ABC Hear Do flashcards! I loved how many of them matched perfectly.

  • The Dinosaur Age Puzzle of a 104 pieces was a hit in our home! My kids are obsessed with dinos, and my son was able to finish the puzzle all by himself. I love the little carry on box too.

  • The 5 in 1 Jungle Tretis Blocks was my favorite! I loved playing Tetris while growing up, so this game was so exciting to help problem solve and challenge us as a family. There are so many ways to play for children and adults. We were able to have the kids play, and my husband and I also challenged each other to finish the tasks. This game has 8 levels! I definitely recommend this game, for any game night! Oh and you can pair up these creative puzzle builds with different sensory activities and lessons too!

  • The Magnetic Dressing Puzzle- ok this game alone reflects a wish I had since I was little. Growing up in Puerto Rico, I had a cousin who introduced a paper dress up game to me, but never allowed me to play with it, since she didn't want me to break it. I really wanted the game, but my mom and I searched everywhere, and never found it. I was so excited to see that this dress up game puzzle is available, and that it is durable! I have played with the kids and enjoyed fulfilling my childhood dream!

These are a few of what they have to offer, but they have something for every child and family! I encourage you to check them out and start making that holiday list and support the amazing work they are doing.


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