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  • Natalia Sepulveda

Benji the Bear, the Sweetest Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Resource!

Benji the Bear plushie is perfect for children at home and in the classroom. They often go through so many emotions, and most of the time it is difficult for them to recognize what they are feeling.

Benji is not just cute and soft, he smells like chocolate! And well, who doesn’t like chocolate?! His sweet smell and adorable reversible feature will help children express their emotions of happy or sad in white and brown. His flip feature makes this sensory experience fun and interactive for the little ones.

My kids love hugging and smelling him! He’s a great addition to our bilingual home. We talk about our emotions in both English and Spanish.

This plushie is made of high-quality materials, easy to clean (machine washable), and flip, with scented EVA beads. It also makes a great resource for SEL educators and therapists.

Not to mention, a wonderful stocking stuffer for this Christmas season! Give a gift, children will remember! His sweet scent is very calming and pleasant.

We have the small version, but you can order the long version HERE. They are both adorable!

Give Benji a big bear hug to brighten your day!

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