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Favorite Bilingual Books for children!

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Living a bilingual lifestyle with kids is quite an adventure and story-time is a MUST!

Here are some of our favorite bilingual books from our home library:

  1. Little Chickies| Los Pollitos by Sue Jaramillo 

  2. Little Sunnie Sunshine| Sol Solecito by Sue Jaramillo 

  3. Little Elephants| Los Elefantitos by Sue Jaramillo 

  4. Cars, Trucks and Planes| Carros, camiones y aviones by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza

  5. El Chavo Una aventura a lo grande| A Great Big Adventure by Scholastic 

  6. I like it When…| Me gusta cuando… by Mary Murphy

  7. I love my daddy because…| Quiero a mi papá porque… by Laurel Porter-Gaylord 

  8. Fruits with Adam and Eve| Frutas con Adan y Eva by Bianca Cerrato 

  9. My House: A Book in Two Languages| Mi Casa: Un libro en Dos Lenguas by Rebecca Emberly

  10. See and Say:A book in Four Languages by Antonio Fransconi 

  11. Malty the Blue Tiger| Marita la tigresita azul by K.Kloss

  12. Señorita Mariposa  by Ben Gunderscheimer (Mister G)

  13. Simon Goes to School by Aileen P. & Christia M. 

  14. Luca’s Bridge| El puente de Luca by Mariana Llanos 

  15. Toilet Tunel| El túnel del inodoro by Alison Hinchey

  16. DLee’s First Day of School| El primer día de clase de DLee by Diana Lee Santamaria

  17. Words Are Not for Hurting| Las palabras no son para lastimar by Elizabeth Verdick

  18. Pika the Bunny Has a Big Quiestion| El conejito Pika tiene una gran pregunta by Wendy Gilhula

  19. I’m Like You, You’re Like Me / Yo soy como tú, tú eres como yo: A Book About Understanding and Appreciating Each Other/ Un libro para entendernos y apreciarnos by Cindy Gainer

  20. Rainbow Weaver / La tejedora del arco iris by Linda Elovitz Marshall

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