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“Change Your Stikin’ Thinkin'” Review & Author Interview

The world tends to be full of negativity everyday and it can be very contagious no matter the age.

As a youth pastor, I asked our youth how their week was going and many of them looked annoyed, stressed, not very happy at all… This children’s book “Change Your Stinkin’ Thinkin’ ” by Analynn Sardella and illustrated by 15 year old Daniela Torres– is a must have! Not only for your home library, but for all teachers, churches, and schools! I love reviewing books and the author sent me this book in exchange for an honest review, and let me tell you that this has been one of the best books I’ve been able to review!

This book is a great tool to encourage children and adults alike to start every day with being grateful!


NOVEMBER is National Gratitude Month! And this book highlights just that!

In our family we choose to be thankful, to thank Jesus everyday for His sacrifice on the cross, for giving us life, and for everything we have.


The illustrations are bright and wonderful. It is available on kindle and hardcover. This is one of those books that will add more value to your book collection. It makes a great gift as well, especially for this holiday season!

From a Christian perspective, I think this book is amazing. It encourages our children to be the light everywhere they go. To be the light in the darkness. It also reminds them to be thankful, cherish what they have, to be humble, and to not take everyday for granted. I believe you represent Jesus wherever you go, and by being kind, positive, and loving you are providing a way for people to see Jesus–to see how Jesus is working in your life. I hope that you can checkout how amazing this book is and share it with others. It has made it into our favorite book list.

You can purchase the book on Amazon. 

Meet the Author:

Analynn Denise Sardella was born in Lockport, New York a long… long time ago… She moved to Arizona in 1989. Then she married Michael Sardella. They met in New York when she was 19. In 1995 she had the first of two boys, Joseph. Zachary came 3 years later… While raising them, she went back to college and earned a degree. She has written 9 children’s books to date. These books are filled with vital messages of positivity, integrity, gratitude and believe. Analynn believes in teaching all of these necessary virtues to young children as they proceed through school and life. These tools will help them out in many different ways as they grow. Please enjoy the Charlie and Marley Great Discovery series. More stories coming soon.

Check out Arizona Midday Channel 12 News Interview HERE. 

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