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“B Is For Breathe” Review

The social emotional children’s picture book “B Is For Breathe: The ABC’s of Coping with Fussy and Frustrating Feelings” by the author Dr. Melissa Boyd is such a beautiful book! It is very creative to feature the alphabet with different strategies to cope with various feelings such as anxiety, frustration, anger, etc. This book is a great tool for parents and teachers to teach children to calm down and be proactive during difficult situations. The diversity in the pictures will help many children connect with the book. My son really enjoyed looking at the illustrations and identifying different emotions throughout the book. This book great addition to any library, doctors office and classroom. You can purchase the book Here

Author Bio

Dr. Melissa Munro Boyd is a wife, mother of 3, Clinical Psychologist, and officer in the United States Army. Dr. Boyd has spent much of her clinical career treating service members with behavioral health disorders, to include PTSD. She has deployed to Afghanistan for one year and has a special interest in Suicide Prevention. Prior to the military, Dr. Boyd worked with children in the Philadelphia School District. She is a proud graduate of Hampton University in Virginia where she earned her Bachelors in Psychology. Upon graduation, she attended La Salle University where she obtained her Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. Through it all, God and her family have been a constant source of strength and motivation.

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