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By Natalia Sepúlveda. 

Welcome to Bilingual Lifestyle Publishing! I'm Natalia Sepúlveda, a children's book author and bilingual translator (Spanish & English). I am very passionate about Jesus, bilingualism, and education. In this page you will find my translation and editing services, book reviews, giveaways, bilingual and educational resources, and my books. 

Serafina Vuela

-Alma Hammond

Unicornio Jazz 

-Lisa Caprelli


Translation Projects

El Ninja Ansioso

-Mary Nhin

Rosalía la hondureña-americana 

-Christine Osoria

El elefante en el salón de clase

-Alicia Stenard

Abejita Feliz

-Lisa Caprelli

El cabello maravilloso de Lani Rae

-Yesenia Rodriguez

El Ninja Enmascarado

-Mary Nhin

El Dr. Adam y el virus

by Hazem Nassar

R es para respirar

-Dra. Melissa Munro Boyd

Daniel y el factor burrito

-Kevin Horath 

Mi corona rizada 

-Darcel Ricketts 

El túnel del inodoro|Toilet Tunnel 

-Alison Hinchey

About Me

Natalia Sepúlveda, is a bilingual children’s book author, translator and editor. She holds a master’s degree in Spanish from the University of Central Florida in Orlando. Natalia currently lives in Orlando with her husband Joseph and two children. She enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and serving the Lord. She’s the owner of Bilingual Lifestyle Publishing and Co-founder of Panem Project.  She also runs a Bilingual Lifestyle blog, where she shares her bilingual family adventures, book reviews, and bilingual and educational resources.


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