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“Thank You Animals” Review and Author Interview

The colorful children’s book Thank You Animals written and illustrated by Michelle Ning Lo is one of my top favorite children’s books! Why? You may wonder, well besides being super cute, and fun, it is an educational book. I love educational resources! Each page has a box of facts for each animal illustrated. We have the paperback and the e-book! The e-book has an exclusive feature, where you can double tap selected objects in the illustrations to learn more about the animals. This feature makes reading the e-book version so much more exciting! We love physical books in our family and we have a cute mini library. However, we do love e-books also, they are perfect when on the go and for when we travel. The book is written in rhyme and it serves as an educational tool to teach the alphabet to children, while they learn about so many different animals. With each animal illustration there is a thank you note that corresponds to what each animal species do for us and the earth. These thank you notes motivate children to be appreciative and show empathy for animals. Books like these are necessary, they not only teach the alphabet, facts about animals, but also encourage children to protect and take care of them as well. My son loves animals and has really enjoyed this book! I definitely recommend this book, it makes a great addition to any library! 

Thank You Animals is available for sale on Amazon!

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Author Interview


Michelle Ning Lo was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan and moves between her hometown and BC, Canada. She creates in a variety of fields. From a young age, she received training in traditional painting methods, eventually graduating with a Master’s Degree in theater design and production. More recently, she is exploring roles in the film industry, as well as writing novels and picture books. She dedicates much of her work to environmentalism and love for planet Earth.

Inspiration to write “Thank You Animals”

Ok, here’s how Thank You, Animals came to be! It all started on a trip to Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had so much fun there petting the animals and observing them up close. I went home and sketched the first character in the book, the Donkey. I made him Dance, and decided to name him Douglas, and this was how the alliteration began! It was definitely a challenge finding animals to fit the alphabet, and finding ways to thank them while rhyming. Once the text was written, however, the fun began! I painted the characters using a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter Essentials. This would be my first illustration project that was completely done on the computer. I love how the computer allowed for very tiny details, and I went to town with it, adding fur and spots and pimples and accessories. With just the rhyme and the drawings, I sent the book to a couple of beta readers for feedback. One of the readers commented that she wasn’t familiar with some of the animals, so I decided to add info boxes to each animal, explaining why they’re so cool and how we can help them. I’m so glad I did this, because many of my later readers mention the info boxes in their reviews! This book was definitely a blast to create. Currently, I am working on the coloring book, which should come out in a month or so. I also plan to publish a Thank You book for our best friends, the doggies!

Fun Fact!

Michelle is really passionate to promote animal welfare and would love it if you could visit the Best Friends Society Website and share in the comments below which one is your favorite animal friend from the website. And if any of them have touched your heart, perhaps you could support them with sharing their website and or with a donation.

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