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Spring & Easter Book Recommendations

  1. Daniel & the Donkey Factor by Kevin Horath –Explore the love of Jesus through Holy week and Easter through the eyes of a donkey! (Spanish version coming soon!)

  1. Those Who Seek God by Niki Milburn– Beautiful illustrations related to the Bible.

  1. The Biggest Story ABC by Kevin Deyoung –A beautiful board book that introduces the alphabet while telling the Big Story of the Bible!

  1. In Spring… |En Primavera by Susana Madinabeitia Manso –Bilingual book about Spring!

  1. I Give You the World by Stacey McCleary –Explore Nature through the seasons!

  1. Little Chickies|Los Pollitos by Susie Jaramillo– Join in on the fun with the sing-along and flip and flap bilingual board-book!

  1. Little Sunny Sunshine|Sol Solecito by Susie Jaramillo– beautiful sing-along bilingual board-book about Spring time with flip and flap feature!

  1. The Rose and the Snake by Mark Restaino– Biblically symobolic story about a Rose who finds her value through the beautiful words of a boy.

  1. Ten Wriggly, Wiggly Caterpillars by Debbie Tarbett- Join in the fun through the adventure of 3D caterpillars!

  1. The Happy Bee by Ian Beck– Beautiful book about the adventures of a Bee.

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