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“Mili and the Dragonfly” Review and Author Interview

The social emotional children’s book “Mili and the Dragonfly” by Divya Mohan is so beautiful. I love this book and my toddler loved it too! It has such a loving message! It teaches children about empathy and being kind to animals. Empathy is such an important subject to discuss with children. They are our future generation and they need to know how to take care and love our planet, animals, people. I love protecting animals as much as possible. Whenever a lizard or a beetle comes in to our home, I set it free. This book serves as a conversation starter to talk to children of ways to be kind and loving. The topic of diversity can also be discussed with this book. This is a great opportunity to teach children about having compassion and love for those who are different and may have a diverse heritage. The illustrations are bright and colorful. Definitely recommend this book to all libraries! You can purchase the book Here. 

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Author Interview


Divya is an IT professional with years of experience in explaining complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way to her audience. Now that she is a proud mother of a little girl, she uses her passion and skills to explain important social-emotional life skills to little children in the form of simple stories.

She founded Value Buds (www.valuebuds.org) to encourage children to Craft a Beautiful Life for themselves. She wants to see kids grow up FEELING INSPIRED to achieve their BIG DREAMS, by boldly facing any challenge that life throws at them.

Get in touch in with Divya on Facebook: Value Buds

What inspired you to write this children’s book?

As a child, I was a rebel. I wanted to be the best at everything I did. I worked very hard to compete and I did succeed. My parents always encouraged me and spoke highly of me. I got a lot of attention from people around. But all these happened at a cost…

At times when I did not succeed, I lost my self esteem. Furthermore, if someone did better than me, I used to feel jealous and left out.

As I grew up, I started meeting several people who were better than me at a lot of things. I realized that I couldn’t be the best at everything. I started looking for ways to excel but only struggled with more pressure, stress, anxiety and depression. I had begun to feel lonely without attention.

That’s when I started looking for wisdom to improve my feelings. I read and listened to inspiring people. I realized that my feeling of loneliness was not caused by the world around me, but it was caused by cravings of my own mind.

I started training my mind to feel good about myself and people around me, irrespective of successes and failures. I started using my successes and failures to reflect on and understand my strengths and weaknesses. I used values and techniques like gratitude, respect and empathy while dealing with people. I improved my self esteem, began to value relationships and started feeling amazed by what people do. I changed my perspective towards life by constantly reminding myself of human values.

I wish I had learnt this wisdom to feel good earlier on in life.

I created Value Buds with the intention of encouraging children to understand and practice these priceless human VALUES, at a young age, so that they are equipped to face any challenge in life. My dream is to see children grow up FEELING INSPIRED to dream big and achieve their dreams – without being affected by ill feelings like jealousy, depression or loneliness. Early childhood is the time when a person learns the most. Why not learn and practice Values that helps develop positive attitude to life?

I’m an author, a self publisher, a business analyst, a software engineer and a full time working mom, living in Melbourne, Australia. My purpose is to add a little value to someone’s life every single day.

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