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“Fruits with Adam & Eve|Frutas con Adán y Eva” Review with Author Interview

The bilingual children’s picture book “Fruits with Adam & Eve|Frutas con Adán y Eva”  by Bianca Cerrato is such a beautiful book! We received this amazing board book with so much love in our home. This book is perfect for our toddler son who is learning the colors, fruits and about God in both Spanish and English. There are not many bilingual christian picture books available and that is our favorite category. My son wants me to read this book everyday to him. He loves pointing at the fruits, telling me what they are called, telling me the colors, and pointing at the sun illustration. The illustrations are so sweet and colorful! This book is a must have for any library! Definitely recommend it! You can purchase this book HERE



Bianca is a self-motivated woman that has been focused on her educational and career development most of her life. Raised by migrant farm-working parents in Imperial, a small agricultural town, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her educational goals. She began adding titles to her name after earning a BA from UCLA, an MBA from CSULB, “Mrs. Cerrato” when she married her husband, “Mommy” her greatest accomplishment yet when she had her son Joseph in 2017 and most recently, Author. Her goal was never to become an author, it was to put God first in her life. When she became a new mom, she realized what was important to her and that is her faith, putting God first in her life especially as she raises her first child. As a new mother she was in search of bilingual biblical books but unfortunately did not find any.  So, she launched her own company “Libritos for the Heart” with a vision of creating a series of children’s bilingual first word books based on stories in the Bible. This company embodies her driven nature and passionate heart. She self-published her first book “Animals on Noah’s Ark/ Animales del Arka de Noe” that launched in October 2018 and just launched her second book in August 2019. 

What inspired you to write the book?

A few people in my life inspired me to write this book.  First, an unfortunate event in my life, my grandpa’s passing, made me realize how real God truly is.  While my grandfather was sick in the hospital, I would cry at the thought of losing him. But through that season I was going to a bible study where I prayed for my grandfather.  After he passed in 2013, I was able to endure that season and knew that only God could give me the peace and comfort to go through it. After that I vowed to put God first in my life and knew that if I did, I would be able to overcome anything.  

Second, is my mother.  I am grateful that she raised me in the church by taking my siblings and I to church every Sunday where we attended Kids church and vacation bible school in the summers. I attended missionettes and youth group until I graduated High school and moved out to college.  After that I would only attend church when I would go back home to visit my parents. Fast forward a few years, I am married and pregnant with my first baby. It was so emotional for me because I was scared, nervous and excited all at the same time. I wanted to make sure I was ready to be the best mommy that I could be.  One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to raise this child the way my mom raised me. As a first-time mom I was super excited and wanted to start shopping and buy everything for my baby. Since I didn’t know what I was having I was limited to toys and books. After attending a women’s conference in Spanish I was also determined to teach my baby both English and Spanish.  So, then I began looking for bilingual baby books but did not find any. I remember calling my husband and telling him about it, then I said “hey, if I don’t find any online, maybe this is something that I can do?”. Well after an unsuccessful online search, I prayed about it and I know God put this project in my heart. Here I am three years later and self-published two books all with God’s grace.  I know that there are many women out there who are or were in my shoes and want to raise little children of God. I remember hearing my pastor say it’s never too early to begin raising your children up knowing God, and that’s when I knew I was doing the right thing. With this second book my goal is to just raise awareness of these books and hope that it reaches and touches more mothers, grandmother’s, aunts and sisters like me.  Inspired by Proverbs 6:22, these first word books are the perfect way to begin introducing your children to the Bible.

How has your experience as an author been?

My experience as an author has been amazing thus far.  I actually never wanted to be an author. This book was a project that God placed in my heart.  I know this was his will because I didn’t have the slightest clue on how to even begin. I created a plan and left it saved on my computer for months.  One day as I was scrolling through social media, I saw that a friend’s sister worked for a publishing company in New York. I reached out and she agreed to meet with me and listen to my plan and gave me a good idea on how to get started.  I began doing research and slowly I began to see how God was working through all of this. He would place people in path to help me continue this journey. From the graphic designer to boutique publishers. I just did a little google research and here I am launching my second book.  God is amazing and this experience has been such so emotional for me because as see the things I pray for begin to unfold. I’m definitely still learning and really focused this year on building awareness about my books!

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