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“Bala is Queen B” Review

“Bala is Queen B” by Blandine Carsalade is such a beautifully illustrated book with an encouraging message of self-love. @bookprunelle

I love books like these. They teach children that their self worth or identity are not based off their appearance. Instead it encourages them to have self love. I believe that we are God’s masterpiece and we are all beautiful inside out.

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Word of the author:

In this book my wish was not to praise for overweight or obesity. Weight is a medical data and must be taken care in a medical setting. However as a parent we should fight against that idea that weight should be what defines you. That you are less than worth because you are not thin or skinny. It is a book on tolerance that I wanted to write a book that says to them: You are more than your image, you are a personality, wisdom, an intelligence, a force …… “You are worth it”.

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